Shotguns – I love ’em

November 3, 2009


3 Responses to “Shotguns – I love ’em”

  1. Thanks RV, you are so very inspiring,down to earth
    & all action. I listened to your last radio show
    of yesterday, Tuesday 12/15/09 online. Here is my
    reply to it.
    Yes the Jews did 9/11. Anyone who can read could
    know that, JUST read the Talmud, like you did and
    it is sparkling clear.
    This Talmud book & the bible was written by Satan,
    via the Jews, who are somewhat DNA-challenged, i
    mean weak minded analytically. Satan is making to-
    tal fun of them by describing them as goyims, yet
    they do not get it at all, as they are too dumb.
    Now, actually i come to the conclusion, that they
    really are the ‘Chosen Ones’.
    They truly are the scum of the earth, loud & clear
    If we humans can manage to pull them up onto our
    own level of goodness, decentsy, compassion, inclu
    sive to all of us as one humanity working together
    Only then we all could save this planet as our own
    & finally claim 100% ownership of planet earth for
    humanity, (Our right).
    But as long as these Talmut-Jews are so screwed up
    impregnated by Satan (actually the Reptilians)same
    as the Illuminati, Masons, UN, Nato, all infil-
    trated, run by Reptilian dominated Jews & easy
    prey for Satan/Lucifer/Snake.
    So you see, it really has to be those idiots to
    wake up to the total destruction of mankind &
    mellow out. Anyone who puts himself above another
    is doing the devils work & jeopardising mankind.
    The ‘chosen ones’ are the ones, who are the most
    dumbest lowlife of all, and if we can wake them
    up out of their stupidity, then we will be safe.
    ok, this is just a joke… as everyone knows by
    now… we need devine intervention, its gone way
    too far by now. The Nazis were already infiltrated
    in the 1930’s by the reptilians & never ever stop
    ped to this day to do the devils bidding for world
    domination (antarctic) We have Satan factions
    fighting Lucifer factions for NWO domination &
    then galactic takeover. Humanity needs LOVE….

  2. Right now at this very moment, the biggest threat
    of all times ever, is = CERN.
    These scientists are plagued with phenominal, in-
    sane, blinding arrogance, deaf to any reason what
    soever. This alone will take devine intervention
    to stop annihilation. (According to reverse speech

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